YPO Gold Education Year 2019-20 A5 book

The Brief:
When considering a theme for their 2018-19 program of events, the YPO Gold Education Committee conducted a survey to find out what their members really wanted. The feedback was that members just want to socialise and learn about pragmatic, relevant topics. So the theme of ‘Back to Basics’ was born. To this was added the request that the book be as engaging as possible, as well as easy for their time-strapped members to use.

The Design:
This member feedback inspired me to create the byline ‘live. learn.’ – letting members know exactly what they can expect from their year with YPO Gold.

In searching for a playful theme, a visual style that riffed on the ‘Back to Basics’ idea and a way of making the book easy to navigate, I found inspiration in wayfinding signage and the iconic London Underground maps designed by Harry Beck. This is a visual style famous for its stripping back of all unnecessary information in order to direct users straight to the information they require.

The ‘ease of use’ aspect of the book has been taken even further with each event colour coded and including it’s own gate fold, tear-out ‘save the date’ card.

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