Windsor Hotel Sports Bar Menu

The Brief:
The Windsor Hotel needed a menu that reflected its unique take on the sports bar – something that appealed to the sports people as well as just the armchair enthusiasts. They were also looking for something that gave people a reason to pick up and engage with the menu – apart from just the food.

The Design:
The use of striking, textural images of playing surfaces catches the eye, and provides a sporty vibe which is reinforced by a bold colour scheme and strong but elegant typefaces. The meal and drink deals are emphasised by a reversed colour scheme and the use of appealing images. and the clean, simple layout makes the menu easy to navigate.

By creating a logo for the Sports Bar, I have given it it’s own identity as a destination within the Windsor Hotel, and the sporting ground images also provide a great opportunity to build a strong identity across a range of marketing materials by using similar images from a variety of different sports. 

The Sports Bar has a section of its menu dedicated to healthy, high-protein meals, and the sporting quotes scattered throughout the menu serve to reinforce the bar’s sporting cred, and also provide the reason for punters to engage with the menu.