Salute Employee Handbook

The Brief:
The key to this job was super-fast turnaround. The client was re-launching on a Friday and contacted me on a Monday to help out with a new employee handbook. Of course I was more than happy to help because I am the #tightdeadlinespecialist

The Design:
With an existing corporate style in play, the colours and fonts were the easy part. The client wanted a friendly, more informal presentation of what was actually some pretty essential info, I was able to respond to this through by choosing playful, slightly quirky illustrations offset with clean, well laid out type.

Creating a cohesive tagline and title for the book also allowed me to lend it some personality, I dubbed the handbook “Your Roadmap” and then used a map ‘pin’ graphic and dashed line elements to riff on this theme.

And best of all the finished art was ready to go in time for the launch.