Lifeback Tracker / #mindhealthchallenge infographic flyer

The Brief:
Anthony Hart – the driving force behind Lifeback Tracker and #mindhealthchallenge – threw down a challenge of a different kind when he asked me to come up with some promotional material. The problems he wanted solved were how to describe his unique, innovative program in a nutshell, and then how to promote it to his potential clients – businesses of all sizes.

The Design:
After talking with Anthony at length about the project, and reviewing the in-depth literature he already has in place, I decided to distill this into a set of 2 A4 flyers – one explaining what the #mindhealthchallenge is, and another promoting its benefits to business owners. I felt that keeping the flyers simple and direct was key to the delivery of a strong message.

By breaking the ‘explanation’ flyer into 3 simple questions – “what”, “how” and “who” – I was able to provide a promotional tool that addresses client’s initial questions effectively.

For the ‘benefits’ flyers I opted to design a series of infographics outlining some facts and figures relating to mental health and its cost to Australian business.

Using a fun, informal typeface, bright colours and hand drawn graphics gives these flyers a friendly, accessible feel without diminishing the serious subject matter. Creating the infographics as discrete panels also means this design works even harder for my client – the panels can be broken up and used separately as social media posts, slides or to illustrate and break up text in brochures or reports.