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Carnival Crossroad Road “Pieces” Album Art

What do you do when a client has an idea so mad that it can’t be photographed? You make it happen in Photoshop.

But when local hip-hop act Carnival Crossroad requested an old-fashioned sailing ship flying into the sunset, I did wonder if I could do it. First I would need to find the right images to use as my starting point – and they had to be shot and lit from the right angles.

And as someone who has spent many years working with stock photography, I knew I had next to no chance of finding a picture of a sailing ship in dry dock with it’s hull visible. Lit by a late afternoon sun. And even if I did, it would not have its sails unfurled and full of breeze.

So what do you do when a piece of your Photoshop puzzle is missing? You make it from scratch. So with a boat, a background, and a bit of ingenuity, this mad idea finally came together!

Listen to the track here.


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