Argonautica Press logo

The Brief:
To create a logo for a publisher based on a supplied illustration of the mythological ship Argo. The logo must reproduce well at small sizes, such as book jackets, but also be striking enough for use on banners and other point of sale materials.

The Design:
Both these problems have been solved using the one solution. When illustrating the Argo for the logo, I have stripped back unnecessary detail to create a bold, stylized version of the original painting. The simplicity of the design, along with a generous use of negative space within the image, means that small sizes pose no problem.

Using simple, dynamic shapes in the illustration helps with recognition at smaller sizes, but also lets the logo pack a punch when super-sized.

A distinctive, slightly quirky typeface gives a real sense of identity, even when used independently of the boat graphic, and plays nicely on Argonautica’s focus on fantasy fiction.

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