Downloadable #workingon Graphics For Your Business

Mar 27, 2020 | downloads

I know graphic design can’t save the world… but hopefully it can help someone out a little bit!

So I have added a few free #workingon graphics to my online store! Just download and print or stick ‘em on your socials to let your customers know that you are still trading and how. There’s Facebook, Instagram and A4 poster bundles, each with slogans like “Now delivering”, “Online appointments available”, “Business as usual” and more. Feel free to download and use them as much as you like, and please do share the link around to any small businesses who might be able to use them.

The social media graphics are sized perfectly for each platform. The A4 posters are designed so they can be printed easily on the office printer, but still look great if you decide to have them professionally printed (and support a local printshop!)

I also have a few other small business graphics bundles that I am offering for chump change. My focus has been on things relevant to the current situation like “Sanitiser station” and “Full takeaway menu”. I plan to keep adding more each day and will also include some with editable fields so users can add their own info. So please – I would love any feedback or ideas about what you could use.

Love, Demelza

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